Resources needed to start

In this section, I have included all resources you will need to create any type of online business.

If you are interested in creating a blog you will need:

1. A domain name

Before you select a domain name, you need to choose a name that is easy for your customers to find and that is related to the products / services you are offering. Most hosting services offer the option of buying the domain name

2. A hosting service

There are multiple hosting services in the market place, I use and personally recommend the following:

3. Download WordPress (Most services offer an option to do this once purchased)

Once you have purchased the domain name and the hosting service, then you will have an option to download WordPress. Most services offer this option as soon as you purchase the product. If you don’t, please contact customer service and ask for instructions on how to do this.

4. Essential Pages:

* Home

* About me

* Contact me

* Product, services page(s)

* Policies and Disclaimers

5. For E-commerce:

I strongly recommend to use Shopify. This platform provides everything you need to start your e-store.