Make money with your E-Store

How to create your e-Store

The following steps will guide you to successfully implement your e-store.

  1. Select the niche where you would like to make money: Jewelry, clothing, decorative items, technology, etc. In this step, I strongly recommend you use a niche you are passionate about, so it becomes fun to work on it.
  2. Find your suppliers. There are many suppliers that you can use for this purpose. You can research US manufacturers or you can find products on or Those last ones are very inexpensive and you can make a higher profit margin if you use them.
  3. Set up your Shopify account and start uploading your products! you can get your account here:
          Once you set up your store, you can determine which products sell best and for this, you can use additional resources, like shoplicate.
I strongly recommend using this software to find the most profitable products to sell.