Make money with Email Marketing

Why use email marketing?

Every internet marketer knows that the money is on the list. There are many reasons why small business owners need to use emails to promote products and services. The use of email is almost more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined when small businesses or internet marketing are trying to get new customers resulting on almost 70% more sales that resulted from an email message.

email pictureIn addition, there are many reasons why the use of email is effective and highly recommended:

  1. Help establish yourself as an authority
  2. Grow your audience
  3. You can start quickly & get immediate results
  4. Increase website traffic & boost sales
  5. Reach people anywhere, in any device
  6. Give a personal touch to your clients
  7. Promote products and services
  8. Increase your overall value

Getting Started with email marketing

Now, with all the benefits explained above, it is clear that email marketing is the way to go. But, where to start?

Get responseFirst. The first thing you need to do is to set up your account with an auto-responder service and get started. My favorite is Get Response. This service allows you to divide your list in different ways, helping you to reach different audiences and it is very easy to use. They offer landing pages if you need to get one to get started. There is no need to set up a website at first, you can do this later.

Second. After you set up your account, you need to find affiliate offers. You can find your offers in several ways:

a. Digital products. If your niche has digital products you can offer, you can go to clickbank and look for products you can sell in your niche. For example if your niche is weight loss, then you can select “Health & Fitness” under the affiliate marketiplace section and review products to promote.

b. Physical products. If you prefer to sell physical products, you can also find them by searching on google “your product” + “affiliate”. This option will display the different programs that companies offer to affiliates. You can also become an affiliate in Amazon where you can also find a large variety of products to promote.

Third. After you selected your products, then you can start writing emails to your subscribers and promote those products to them.

My recommendation: Once you start building your list, NEVER STOP. There is always products to promote and if you use it right, this list will give you a monthly income that you can use to pay bills, extra expenses or in some cases completely replace your salary.