Create your online business

Build your online business

How to create your online Business

There are many ways to start a successful online business. There is a proven series of steps you can follow, but you need to do something first:

  1. Identify a need or problem ( The more severe, the more money people are willing to pay). You can do this in several ways: You can create a solution for customers or simply identify a need and fill it.
  2. Build a website easy to use including all information and resources needed for this purpose
  3. Use free and/or paid traffic
  4. Build an “authority site”
  5. Follow up with your customers providing superior customer service
  6. Increase your income with affiliate marketing or selling products online   Online store

There are several types of online businesses you can build:

A. eStore website. You can sell physical products online. Select the products or services you would like to sell and build your eStore.

B. Blog / Affiliate marketing. You can build an authority site in your niche and sell other companies products using your blog. You can also add advertisements if you have an AdSense account.

C. You Tube. You can create videos and generate income using You Tube. There are several methods to do this and some of those include: Create your own documentaries (using Youtube resources), Selling affiliate products,  and/or making additional income by opening an AdSense account and get paid for advertisements.

D. Email marketing. Once you have a website related to your niche, you can create passive income by adding an optin-page and build your list. With thios, you can promote affiliate products and maintain your customers updated with latest news and products.

E. Create Passive income. If your idea is to create passive income, you need to build your website around a niche that has affiliate products for you to offer. You can promote digital or physical products using a blog or an eStore.

F. Make money writing articles or write an eBook and become a Best Seller for Kindle. If you like to write, there are several options for you to make money. The first one is to write articles or content for other blog owners and get paid for this. The second option is to write books and sell them via Kindle.

G. Online presence for your business. If you wish to have another tool to promote your shop, restaurant or service business in your city, you can create a website describing your products, services or promotions more focused in your location and to provide customers with relevant information about your business.

If you reward your customers they will be loyal to you. The principles of online business are the same over time but you need to update products and services at least once a year to be current. Remember it takes time to generate profits, don’t believe advertisers who just want to sell you products showing you massive profits. It takes time to build a presence online and generate your list.

If you want to learn how to make money online in one of the described categories, please follow the links and enroll in the available classes!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.